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DDW20: Thematic reflection

The following weeks we’ll look back at DDW defining the key thematic storylines and coinciding content of 2020.
Kiki & Joost © Max Kneefel
Contemporary Icons

Now that design weeks, festivals and trade fairs have been removed from the agenda, designers miss the opportunity to show their product portfolio and innovations in real life. In this new reality, we are looking for a new format that meets the needs of a new generation of icons in order to make a living. What is the current reality and what does the future look like after the global 'reset' currently underway? 

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Contemporary Icons!

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Designing Society

Design can address societal issues, create inclusive communities, advocate new cultural behaviour and promote well-being. Social and service design can provide solutions to the needs of individuals, organisations and society in general. Especially in these times of uncertainty and social shifts, the social design perspective offers an important contribution to a more inclusive world, in which (physical) limitations or heritage do not determine your value or experiences in society.

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Designing Society!

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Sunseeker, VANTOT © Max Kneefel
Future Cities

As more and more people live in cities, consider how architecture and landscape design can be adapted to their needs. New systems of construction and management can improve the quality and functionality of private buildings and public spaces, and facilitate new forms of collective living. But how can we innovate our buildings and spaces? 

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Future Cities!

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The Living Coffin © Bob Hendrikx
Eco Pioneers

As the boundaries between design and science become increasingly blurred, we are discovering how biology can be used to create products, processes and environments in synergy with the natural world. This technological progress calls into question the ethical role of the designer. Where do we draw the line? 

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Eco Pioneers!

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True Matter © Dutch Invertuals Academy
Connected Living

At a time of rapidly changing social standards, growing political divisions and environmental concerns, we are finding new ways to live, work and play together.

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Connected Living!

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Sorry © Medialab
Adapted Realities

Digital technologies are changing the way we communicate and experience the world. Under the title Adapted Realities, the intersection of technology and digitisation and the way in which these two factors will influence our physical and virtual interactions are explored.

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Adapted Realities!

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Studio Sabine Marcelis © Studio Pim Top
Interactive Experiences

As digital technologies continue to advance, design experimentation continues on a big scale. Find out how innovative new design and manufacturing techniques are driving a trend for experience-based artworks, from lighting displays to festival installations. How is technology fuelling new forms of craft and creativity? 

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Interactive Experiences!

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Biotic © Lionne van Deursen
Sustainable Products

Design is partly responsible for an overabundance of products in our lives, but also offers the solution. Discover the designers who use radical processes and materials - from natural substances such as mushroom mycelium, to manipulated vegan leathers - to reduce waste and promote more meaningful object relationships. Can we move towards a circular economy with this? 

Curious? Read, watch and discover more about Sustainable Products!

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