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DDW21 Design Tours

The Design Tours given by Dutch Design Week (DDW) give you a glimpse into the future. Discover the latest trends and developments in the fields of design, innovation, tech, and crossovers while expanding your network. What does the world of tomorrow look like? Who are the veteran talents and up-and-coming designers who will shape our future? And what might design mean for you and your organisation? The Design Tours will introduce you to the power of design, from 16-24 October 2021 in Eindhoven. If you are interested in one of the tours, you can contact us via

Taste of DDW

To kick off your DDW adventure, start right in the heart of the festival, at Strijp-S. For the 'Taste of DDW' tour you can choose one of the following two hotspots: Klokgebouw or Microlab. This compact tour helps you and your organisation become acquainted with DDW and the power of design in an accessible way. You can easily add this tour on to your own programme.

Discovery tour

From the beating heart of electronics group Philips to the beating heart of DDW: Strijp-S is clearly the place for a stimulating DDW experience. During this extensive tour of Eindhoven's creative testing grounds, you will meet young design talent and established names. Discover how design, innovation, and tech interact in sensational exhibits.

Inspiration tour

The Inspiration tour leads you by the hand through Eindhoven's city centre, which, these days, revolves around DDW. Discover what the city of lights has to offer during an extensive tour along inspiring projects, relevant exhibitions, and special locations.

Atelier tour

See the world through the eyes of the designers from Sectie-C or Fuutlaan. Visit their studios and find out what moves them as you immerse yourself in one of these Eindhoven design hubs. During DDW, many creative movers and shakers based in the vibrant areas open their doors. You’ll find studios, workshops, venues, exhibits, and labs.

Custom tour

Discover the power of design in a customised DDW tour. Adapted to the interests and wishes of you and your guests, the DDW programme team selects the most relevant projects and highlights. We look at the themes that match your vision or company. We put together a programme that matches your stated interests and wishes. As a result, the projects and locations to be visited depend entirely on your preferences.

Virtual custom tour

Experience the festival in a unique way and meet designers digitally. In this virtual tour, you get a good look at the broad programme of DDW without travelling to Eindhoven. Adapted to the interests and wishes of you and your guests, the DDW programme team selects the most relevant designers and projects.

Theme tour

Thematic tours around Strijp-S, in which connected—often surprising—themes are also presented. For this tour, select one of the following topics: Circular & Biobased building, Mobility, Health, Safety, Water, Food, Rethinking Plastic, or Inclusive Society.

Circular & Biobased Building

In light of the climate challenges, energy transition, making homes more sustainable, and the task of housing construction, we are bringing new solutions and chain partners together in a new design methodology for climate-neutral building. The unique project 'The Exploded View: Beyond Building' serves as an important benchmark for this.


What if quality of life were the focus of mobility design? Discover what the future might look like if mobility were seen as an essential link in shaping society.


How do we make healthcare more people-oriented instead of technology-driven? What if we were all chronically healthy? What would our living environment look like? In this thematic tour, we visit innovative health perspectives for the care of the future. Think of concepts around prevention instead of the current Care & Cure, or an optimised living environment for the elderly.


How do we create a liveable community and limit subversion and nuisances? What does this mean for the police of tomorrow? And how can citizens contribute to this? Look at these questions through the solution-oriented eyes of designers and explore new perspectives.


How do we allow for the city and the landscape to adapt to the consequences of climate change? How do we deal with drought vs flooding? And what does this mean for the built environment and the landscapes around the city? This tour introduces you to the all-encompassing world of water.

Rethinking Plastic

Plastic lies at the root of major environmental problems, but it also has advantages. It's neither all black nor all white. Discover the possibilities of plastic and what alternatives exist. This tour forces you to think differently about plastic and offers new perspectives on how to deal with it.


Why is it that so few promising food designs find their way to relevant producers, the market, and ultimately to consumers? What can we do to advance these projects? In this tour, you will visit the supermarket of the future, where you can satisfy your hunger with the unprecedented possibilities this design discipline offers.

Inclusive Society

An inclusive society is a society that is committed to the participation of all, a society in which every citizen has a stake and where the notion of mutuality is at the very core. The Inclusive Society tour introduces you to the challenges and opportunities of a world where everyone feels seen and represented.