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Designing Society

The following weeks we’ll look back at DDW defining the key thematic storylines and coinciding content of 2020. Let's continue with the second DDW20 theme: Designing Society.

Design can address societal issues, create inclusive communities, advocate new cultural behaviour and promote well-being. Social and service design can provide solutions to the needs of individuals, organisations and society in general. Especially in these times of uncertainty and social shifts, the social design perspective offers an important contribution to a more inclusive world, in which (physical) limitations or heritage do not determine your value or experiences in society. On this page you will find more about the theme Designing Society and the designers who give substance to it.

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DDW Talks: Designing Society

Social design is a young discipline, searching for a definition and a place in the world. However, the view of external experts in the field of social design is an underexposed perspective. That is why DDW Talks: Designing Society focused on a dialogue between non-social designers about social design. Together these external experts will talk about one central question: “Is there a place for social design in this world?” A broad range of experts participated in this dialogue, amongst others: change expert Marguerithe de Man (SIOO), OpenEmbassy founder Renée Frissen, psychologist Eefje Cobussen and public administrator Andrea Frankowski (NSOB). Rewatch the DDW Talk below!

Social design

One of the DDW20 participants who focused on social design is Agri Meets Design. For a number of years now, they have been linking farmers and designers in order to achieve breakthroughs in food issues together. In a series of 3D Viewing Rooms, Agri Meets Design explores the appeal that food has on designers, and finds out what the power of design is.

The Social Design Lobby designed a campaign that facilitates the connection between socially engaged designers and organizations throughout the Netherlands. Through online lectures, a virtual exhibition and live chat, DDW visitors could get in touch with various social designers in the Netherlands to discuss social issues. Check out their 3D Viewing Room here

During DDW, Baltan Laboratories presented the 'Economia Expo', consisting of art installations and videos that invited the visitor to explore how we can reverse the paradigm of unlimited growth. The exhibition dealt with three themes: Nature's Economies; Shifting Value; Re-designing Infrastructures. Check out their 3D Viewing Room here.

Agri Meets Design © Maartje Strijbis
On to a more inclusive society

A subject that is more relevant than ever. How can design contribute to encounters and how can we shape our environment to prevent loneliness? In WDE Talks: Vereenzaming, architect Irene Edzes talked about slow traffic routes and accessible meeting places, and filmmaker Inge Guffens about Zorg voor Doy, a documentary about heritage and informal care. Curious? Watch the talk below!

Class of 2020

Under the name Class of 2020, DDW invited all Dutch design schools to create an exhibition on the theme of The New Intimacy. Each school approached this in its own way. Some chose to curate a special new exhibition and others a collection of graduates. From Willem de Kooning academy, curator Frederike Top talks about various projects that graduates have worked on for the Dutch Food Bank. Check out the Class of 2020 - Willem de Kooning here.

The problem-solving power of design

During DDW20 a Dutch Design Awards winner was announced daily during the DDA Award Show Live. This year The Interceptor of The Ocean Cleanup (Boyan Slat) and Fabrique won a Dutch Design Award in the category Product. Would you like to know more about The Interceptor or the other nominees in this category? Watch the DDA Award Show Live - Product here!

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