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FAQ for participants

Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about participation in Dutch Design Week. Please check the answers below before contacting us.

What will DDW look like this year?

This year, DDW will take place live in Eindhoven. From 16 to 24 October 2021, DDW will be physically present at dozens of locations and design areas.

I would like to participate in DDW21, how do I apply for my project?

You should apply for participation in DDW21 through your My DDW account. Please note: It is possible to apply for DDW21 up and until July 15, 2021. Selection criteria will be used to determine whether your application is suitable.

Can I also participate virtually in DDW21?

Designers should first of all apply to participate in the physical part of DDW21. Should it not be possible to organise a physical event due to Covid measures, it will be possible for designers to participate virtually. Do you have any questions about this? Please contact the programme team.

How do I find a good location for my participation in DDW21?

First, you have to submit your participation through the online application form. Then we will assess whether your project meets the selection criteria for participation. Once your application has been approved, you should start looking for a location in consultation with the DDW programme team. See the participant page for more information.

How will DDW ensure that visitors come to my expo?

It is essential that, as a participating designer, you provide a complete 'event page' on with good text and good quality images, as this will be visible in the online programme from 1 September, and will be your business card to the press, (design) professionals and visitors. We will also use these event pages as input for communication, online content, DDW routes and targeted pitches to the press. Because the content of these pitches is related to the press requests we receive, participation in DDW does not guarantee PR from DDW. Therefore, make sure that you promote and share your own event within your own network.

What does it cost to participate in DDW?

Due to the dire straits in which the creative industry finds itself as a result of COVID-19, DDW has, on a one-off basis, this year decided to suspend the participation fee. Participation in DDW this year will therefore be free of charge for designers, design studios, collectives, cultural organisations and educational institutions. Are you a company or government institution, and would you like to participate in DDW? Check out the fees. In addition to the waived participation fee from DDW, you, as a participant, should take location costs into consideration. These costs vary from location to location. You yourself are responsible for finding a location and making financial arrangements with the location owner.

When will my application be approved?

All applications will be assessed by the DDW programme team according to the selection criteria (see the participant page). You will be notified within 4 weeks of your application whether you have been accepted or rejected. IMPORTANT: do not forget to click on 'Submit project' to actually submit your application! The application won't be processed until the form has been fully completed and submitted.

What happens if there is another COVID-19 outbreak?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the impact of such an outbreak. We are doing everything possible to ensure the festival goes ahead in physical form, but we, too, are dependent in this respect on the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) and measures taken by the Dutch government. Depending on these developments, we will have to adjust the physical festival accordingly.

When will the programme be online?

The preview of the DDW21 programme will be available online from September.

What is the theme of DDW21?

The theme of the 20th Dutch Design Week is 'The Greater Number'. After the corona crisis, will we continue on the same road that we've been following for the past decades, namely a road built by economic growth? That is a question many people have asked during the last year. DDW doesn't think so and calls for reflection and change with 'The Greater Number'. Change should focus more on social values and taking better care of the planet rather than on purely economic reasons. Perhaps less consumption is needed to reduce waste, more sustainable products should be used, or a new change in behaviour is required between consumer and product. A future where there is a constant search for a better number - sometimes less, sometimes more but then of higher quality, and sometimes simply different. All of this should also lead to a different balance between designers and industry. All of this is encompassed in the overarching theme of 'The Greater Number', the quest for the better number. DDW hopes that with this theme, participating designers and partners are inspired to share their vision with the help of various subthemes surrounding the pandemic, wellbeing economy, the climate, inclusiveness and the design field.

Are there any important dates or deadlines that I can note down?

13 April: Opening Call for Entries DDW21

30 June: Deadline Call for Entries (23:59 hrs)

1 september: Programma online op

16 - 24 October: Dutch Design Week

What do I get for my participation?

DDW takes care of the overall organisation, promotion and communication of the entire event and also provides the general signage and routing. As an official DDW participant, you will also receive the following:

  • Listing on the freely available DDW map with a circulation of 100,000 (if participation consists of a 9-day exhibition)
  • Your own event page within the online DDW programme where visitors can find information about your organisation, project, location, opening hours, logo, special events, themes, photos and videos
  • Numbered location sign to make your location visible to visitors during DDW (note, with multiple participants at 1 location, 1 location number is used + only when the participation is a 9-day expo)
  • DDW tickets: Depending on the participant category and the associated participants costs, you will receive an certain amount of DDW tickets for your own use. Check here how many tickets are available per category.
  • Assistance in finding the right location for your project


The state of affairs regarding the corona pandemic forces us to keep an open mind regarding the organisation of DDW21.
When it comes to organising physical events, we are dependent on permission from the municipality and the Safety Region. In the unlikely event that they do not grant permission for physical events or if they have to meet certain (restrictive) conditions (such as a maximum number of visitors or showing a negative corona test), the organisation will have to respect this. As a participant you have to be aware of this uncertainty.