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5 concepts, created to stimulate the senses.

You see the beautiful decorations and the most delicious looking meals coming your way. Every detail has been taken care of. You can smell your, lunch and dinner, way before it arrives at your table. Is your mouth watering already? You’ll discover and taste ingredients that you’ve never tried before. Full of flavor. You feel the luxurious fabrics, used to make you feel right at home. This is the place to be.

At Fifth we don’t like to keep things basic. At it shows. Not just in our concepts, but also in the menu in front of you, the wording on this website and the photos on our Instagram account. What inspired us? The golden days, from way back when. Always looking for the best ingredients, prepared in exciting ways. We even make our own coffee! Your experience is what matters.

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Canal area, Fifth, NRE Terrein | Gasfabriek 5 , Map No. F0
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