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Café Restaurant Eindhoven

Come visit Café Restaurant Eindhoven and behold the creation of Eindhoven's newest meeting place.

Experience the transition to cafe-restaurant with bakery, roastery and brewery working together as one ecosystem. Residual products serve as raw materials for the other. They reinforce each other because they are combined.

During the DDW, you can go to Café Restaurant Eindhoven for a cup of coffee with unique pastries, a beer with snacks, sandwiches or a bowl of soup. A central meeting place to map out your ideal DDW route or relax between all the impressions.

Café Restaurant Eindhoven is realized by and for Eindhoven residents. Products come from the region, and the Eindhoven mentality is tangible. We stand for craft and the people behind it. We train people and learn from each other.

Centre area, Café Restaurant Eindhoven, Lichttoren 6 , Map No. C0
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