Residency for the People

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Welcome to Ridgecrest Sports Bar. A design by Wim Heere and Theo van Rock. We are open from 18 October until 27 October (during DDW)daily from about 16:00PM. Sports on tv, analogue communication, Modelo beers, dancepole. No need to tell more, better come and have a sip in the desert.

Ridgecrest Sports Bar is the first pilot project of Residency for the People, a new residency space in Eindhoven started by Lucas Maassen in collaboration with Onomatopee. A social and democratic living room for the city, in which inhabitants may take initiative with others to develop projects. Downstairs will be a bar available for encounters, whilst upstairs a residency / workplace for initiators is available. Despite the concept of the space not taking form as an open call, the space itself is open to all.

The first residents / initiators are Eindhoven pensionado's Theo van Rock and Wim Heere. Theo is known from Nasmak, an Eindhoven cultband from the 70’s-80’s and Wim is a renown teacher, writer and performer. Both gentlemen dive into the residence to lead Residence for the People into its first iteration, using the bar as the starting point for societal improvement.

Theo and Wim’s process will be followed, documented and shown at Onomatopee projects. This being said, you can join in and see the actual results develop in the Residence for the People at Kerkstraat 1 in Eindhoven (next to the church).