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Future Cities

The following weeks we’ll look back at DDW defining the key thematic storylines and coinciding content of 2020. On this page you'll find everything about the DDW20 theme Future Cities.

With more and more people living in cities, one has to ask how architecture and landscape design can be adapted to their needs. New building and management systems can improve the quality and functionality of private buildings and public spaces and enable new forms of communal living. But how can we innovate our buildings and spaces? The DDW20 theme Future Cities focuses on precisely this question.

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DDW Talks: Future Cities

When we talk about Future Cities we often think of buildings made of glass and steel, whether or not in a park-like setting, or futuristic transport systems with drones or fast cars. However, when we tell a story about a city we have just visited, we rarely talk only about the physical part. We mainly talk about the ambience and identity, about experience. If you look at future cities from the point of view of the desired experience, what does that mean for the use of space, the design of public space, the creation of services and for the ownership structures in the city? How do we want to experience the city? During DDW Talks: Future Cities, moderator Erna van Holland went in search of the answers in a conversation with Bart Mispelblom Beyer (owner Tangram Architects), Nadia Menkveld (sector economist ABNAmro), Paul Kuipers (intervention architect) and Renée Scheepers (experience architect). Check out the DDW Talk below!

Designing the future

Economic inequality, exponential population growth, our disconnection from the source of our food, and the rapid expansion of cities will only get worse. What if these problems get so bad that the only available source of food is to be found in our cities? Sharp & Sour made people think about these and other questions in the Urban Foraging project. Check out the 3D Viewing Room here.

Curious about your future and that of your friends? In Your Future from Imaginaries World Exhibition you can explore possible pathways of future societies. Maybe in 80 years you will be a self-sufficient farmer with a lifelong experience in biohacking. Or hang out in a hammock while your AI friend does all the work. Or party all night long and drive your submarine car to the whales to gossip and dance with them! See your future in the 3D Viewing Room.

The conservation of wild animals and plants is often aimed at preserving large natural habitats, but the preservation of these ecosystems must also be a priority in the urban environment. To bridge the gap between man and nature, Rollo Bryant designed the 'Urban Stem'; lamps that also serve as a sanctuary for flora and fauna. Take a look at the 3D Viewing Room below.

Farmers and city people come together in Polder TV

Farm life is a lifestyle. During DDW a daily episode of Polder TV was broadcasted on DDW TV. In the episode 'Polder Visioen' trend forecaster and DDW20 ambassador Lidewij Edelkoort shares her vision on the farm of the future. Using design icons inspired by the countryside, she asks herself: what happens when the farmer and the urban dweller join forces? Watch the episode below. 

Circular What if Labs

What if Lab connects relevant customers with talented designers so that together they can find solutions to challenging design issues. Last DDW also featured a number of What if Labs. For What if Lab: The circular station, ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester selected four Dutch design studios to create a plan for fully circular stations in 2050. Take a look at the virtual tour here. In What if Lab: Sunseeker design duo VANTOT presents a contemporary, sustainable and interactive answer to the static street lighting we know. SUNSEEKER is a 500 metre long pendulum of light modules that connects design and technology with nature. Because SUNSEEKER is charged by the sun, it has enormous potential for Smart Cities in making cities around the world smarter, more sustainable and more livable. See the 3D Viewing Room.

Sunseeker - VANTOT
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