A planet-friendly future starts right where we are, in our day-to-day lives. ABN AMRO is looking to accelerate the sustainability shift and believes in game changers: designers whose products solve everyday problems and set the direction to a better world. As DDW’s main sponsor, we’re delighted to give four of them a platform.
Sustainable design sets the direction of travel: Meet ABN AMRO’s game changers

In the run-up to DDW19, a jury of experts singled out four designers who have come up with sustainable solutions to everyday problems. To secure further support for their designs, these designers are given an opportunity to pitch their products to investors, while ABN AMRO will also connect these game changers to some of the bank’s business partners and offer them their own show at DDW.

Curious about the four designs? Come and check them out at ABN AMRO’s Game Changers Experience at Ketelhuisplein, on Strijp-S. Let us introduce them to you first, though:

Jalila Essaïdi’s tallow candle

Every year, the Netherlands disposes of over 30 million kilos of grease from waste water, deriving from food and cosmetics. Re-use isn’t just more environmentally friendly, it’s also cheaper. In collaboration with Waterboard De Dommel, Jalila Essaïdi has designed an upcycling process by making new candles from the residue.  

Adrianus Kundert’s transformer table

Worn-out products typically end up in the streets, but what if we made wear and tear part of the design? As Adrianus Kundert’s Transformer Table wears, new layers and patterns are revealed, making it ever more beautiful and extending its life span.

House of Thol’s Poma/Olera

Did you know that this country bins 41 kilos of food per person a year? The main reason is that we don’t store the food in optimal conditions. House of Thol has come up with a smart box to help fruit and vegetables last longer, and prevent food waste.

MarcelvangalenDesign’s washing machine filter

With every wash we do, 10 to 20 million microfibres end up in our water through our washing machines – and so also get into our food. Eric van Slooten has designed a filter that stops these countless plastic particles. Now that’s clean laundry for you!

Driving Dutch Design: a programme for designer talents

Designers aren’t typically big on running a business. Driving Dutch Design (DDD) is the annual programme run by ABN AMRO, the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and Dutch Design Foundation that helps talented designers find their feet in business. Want to know more? Check out drivingdutchdesign.nl.

A decade of ABN AMRO X DDW

Minimalist, experimental and progressive: across the world, Dutch designers have been highly regarded for decades for their designs and design thinking. ABN AMRO knows how important Dutch design is to the country’s economy and strongly promotes entrepreneurship in the industry. That’s why we’ve been facilitating DDW since 2009, initially as partners and since 2011 as main sponsors.