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Interactive Experiences

The following weeks we’ll look back at DDW defining the key thematic storylines and coinciding content of 2020. On this page you'll find everything about the DDW Track: Interactive Experiences.

As digital technologies continue to advance, design experimentation continues on a big scale. Find out how innovative new design and manufacturing techniques are driving a trend for experience-based artworks, from lighting displays to festival installations. How is technology fuelling new forms of craft and creativity?

DDW Talks: Interactive Experiences

Computational design methods have given architects, artists and designers unprecedented creative freedom. On the other hand, we have to ask ourselves whether these systems enable people to really become who they are, to connect with each other, or to get closer to nature. In DDW Talks: Interactive Experiences, moderator Robert Thiemann, founder and director of FRAME, talked to various designers and design experts about how technology, science, art and nature can come together in interactive, impactful spatial experiences. Watch the DDW Talk: Interactive Experiences below!

Technology and design

Many DDW20 designers have incorporated new technologies into their projects. One of these projects is Geoidentity; a universal system of study validation, including an academic passport, which ensures that young refugees have access to personal documents to rebuild their lives in a host country. Want to know more? Check the 3D Viewing Room.

Another project at the crossroads of design and technology is Dennis The Desklamp; a desk lamp with human characteristics. Although Dennis is actually just an object, he has a character with which a real relationship can arise. Do you want to get to know Dennis? Meet him via the 3D Viewing Room below!


Intimacy of the Workspace

As we have largely lost the possibility to showcase our work and innovations in real life and instead participate in a mainly online driven society, how does this new reality influences our creativity and the use of the space where we create? During DDW, media platform Dezeen organised a live discussion around this question, led by Dezeen chief content officer Benedict Hobson. Rewatch the broadcast below!

In a curated Interactive Experience route, a selection of highlights from the entire DDW Virtual programme was offered during DDW. Using various interactive components, designers created an experience that goes beyond your screen. Curious? Discover all the highlights from the Interactive Experience programme in the Virtual Tour!

Digital fashion

During DDW, every day a Dutch Design Award was presented in various categories. 3D Virtual designer Iris van Wees was a guest at the DDA Award Show Live on Saturday 17 October for the award ceremony in the Young Designer category. She presents digital fashion as a creative and commercial alternative to the current fashion system. The interaction between virtual and physical is central in her work, creating a new kind of fashion experience that is accessible to a large audience. Curious about the story of Iris and the other nominees? Check out the DDA Award Show Live below!

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