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Call for mentees

06 June 2024

Strijp-S - Ketelhuisplein - HeyHeydeHaas - DDW16 - © Dick Rennings
Are you a spatial or graphic designer who loves learning from experts in their field? Team with senior designers this year and grab a place on the 'Spatial Designers' shortlist for Dutch Design Week 2025!

Mentor-Mentee Programme

During the Mentor-Mentee programme, you’ll be paired with experienced designers who are responsible for the spatial design of exhibitions at the Klokgebouw and Ketelhuisplein sites for Dutch Design Week this year. You will shadow them while they remain responsible for the output or deliverables.

What do we expect from you?

In the lead-up to Dutch Design Week 2024, we expect you to attend all meetings of the current project executor. You will have the opportunity to shadow and learn from established professionals, gaining valuable insights and experience in both the design process and their realisation.

Skills required:

  • Drawing floor plans
  • Creating spatial designs
  • Working within a target budget
  • Contributing ideas for relevant partnerships for execution
  • Experience with sketch-based 3D visualisation is a plus

What tasks will the designers undertake?

The spatial design of the halls or the square, ensuring that participants of Dutch Design Week 2024 can present their projects in an effective and attractive manner. Coherence and wayfinding are the key focus points.

Dutch Design Week 2025

Will you be the one in the limelight next year? Your chance awaits as you’ll be shortlisted as a spatial designer for Dutch Design Week 2025. Spatial designers for Klokgebouw and Ketelhuisplein collaborate with an experienced Dutch Design Week team to develop concepts, manage the budget, approach necessary suppliers, and are responsible for the implementation of their design.

What will you gain for your efforts this year?

  • Hands-on experience on a major installation
  • Valuable learning and insights from professionals.
  • Inclusion on the shortlist of spatial designers for Dutch Design Week 2025.
  • Compensation of €3,000 (indicative 60 work hours) covering the period July - October.

How to apply?

Send your motivation and portfolio before 1 July to

We respond to every application received. If you are not selected this year, we may ask to keep your details for other open calls or alternative assignments. Candidates for initial meetings and project exploration will be invited for an interview between 24 June to 5 July.