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Working with Dutch Design Week (DDW) means entering the world of designers. They shape the future and try to make it a little better. Partnerships with DDW are about how we help organisations to benefit from the power of design, by offering designers the stage. In this way, DDW and partners find each other in shared ambitions and we strengthen each other. We do this by developing propositions and offering relevant perspectives for the development of your organisation, employees and business relations. In this, we provide customised solutions.

Do you want to commit to DDW? There are several ways to do so, which we would like to explain to you. Please contact
Main Partner

Our main partners who contributes substantially to the overall success of DDW at multiple levels

Strategic Partners

Partners with whom we are closely linked for the strategic development of future DDW

DDF Label Partners

Year-round DDF private label partners who participate with expositions or activities in Dutch Design Week

Programme Partners

Theme and topic driven partners and collaborations of the various labels of DDF that present during DDW

Educational Partners

Our educational partners with whom we show new and upcoming top talent to the world

Media Partners

Content partners with whom we bring DDW to the world via exciting cross-media formats

Funding Partners

Crucial partners who make it financially possible that we can continue to innovate and improve DDW

Event Partners

Our super-strong, flexible, always ready partners who support us turn DDW into a well-oiled top event

Music Partners

The driving forces behind organizing an exciting evening music program during DDW