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Dutch Design Week 2021: an optimistic course

24 October 2021

1 min. to read

With this year’s theme of The Greater Number, Dutch Design Week (DDW) called for a critical look at our way of producing and consuming. As the largest design festival in Northern Europe, DDW aimed to shine a light on designers who are trying to find the right balance, not towards less or more, but towards better.

Large groups of designers are aware that things need to be done differently and keep working on creative ideas and innovative designs. There is no ready-made solution but a joint search for a better balance. A greater number.

Designers as conscientious guides
Director and professional optimist Martijn Paulen is satisfied and sees the future positively: “DDW21 came at the right time. There is so much happening in the world. We need the perspective and enthusiasm of designers more than ever. We see them sink their teeth into a broad range of issues we face, putting the public interest first. Whether it concerns the carbon problem, housing shortage, mobility or social issues related to inclusiveness, designers are the trailblazers to chart a new course. A course that leads us to a sustainable, more social and more just future.”

Reminiscening with DDW TV
Projects, events, studios – there was design was everywhere. As far as we’re concerned, there can’t be enough! That’s why we recorded and streamed an episode of DDW TV every day. A talk show presented by Brecht van Hulten, full of fascinating conversations and inspiring items. Look back at everything you missed.

DDW is the result of the good work of the many participants, volunteers, locations and institutions. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this successful edition. On to next year. On to DDW22. Until then: 22 to 30 October 2022.

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