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Save the Date: Dutch Design Week 2023

04 April 2023

Dutch Design Week (DDW) returns this year from 21 to 29 October 2023. Join us as we explore the design of the future and the future of design during the 22nd edition of DDW.

Apply for press accreditation

Journalists of all media types (print, online, (web)TV, radio, podcasts and photography) as well as PR agents of designers, studios and brands participating at DDW23 can now apply for press accreditation. Please note that we have introduced updated criteria and regulations for accreditations this year. Click on the button below to find out how to apply.

People with a press accreditation for DDW23 get access to all locations, talks and conferences, press tours, as well as (selected) networking events. The full programme with all participating designers and projects will be announced in September. 

DDW23 programme lines

For the coming years, DDW will be committing to ten programme lines that are reflecting her missions and design perspectives. Designers applying to take part in DDW are encouraged to link their work to one or more of the programme lines, so that our programme and community team can make better matches and curate the exhibitions.

These programme lines are:

  • Enabling our Thriving Planet | Human design that enhances rather than hinders earth’s natural design force.
  • Creating our Living Environment | Designing our habitat, mobility and materials means creating our own liveability.
  • Boosting our Health & Wellbeing | Coming up with ways to structurally improve our quality of life. 
  • Achieving our Equal Society | Actively designing societal systems and interactions that value everyone.
  • Challenging our Digital Future | Exploring and influencing our virtual realities. 
  • Signature & Collectible Design | Artistic exploration and expression.
  • Speculative & Social Design | Unexpected approaches and forward thinking.
  • Product & Craft Design | Skilful makers of the things we use.
  • Service & Innovative Design | Useful, trailblazing concepts and applications.
  • Independent & Critical Design | Freethinking and fuel for conversation.

Call for entries DDW23 is now open

The time has come. Designers, organisations and studios can apply to participate at DDW23 now. The call for entries closes on July 3rd. Apply here.