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Dutch Design Week reveals 2024 theme: REAL UNREAL

28 June 2024

Dutch Design Week announced the theme for their 2024 edition: Real Unreal. The theme addresses how we navigate all the different realities our world nowadays consists of. What is real and what is not, and where do all of our very diverse perspectives meet? Designers explore and question what we accept as truths, and show us ways forward we never imagined.

Designers are driven by a desire to work together to make the impossible possible. Every step counts if we want to create a different reality. Designers explore, question, and challenge what we perceive to be true. They help us imagine the unimaginable and make it more tangible. They find countless ways to use their imagination in combination with collective knowledge and varied experiences.

Change is Real

Change often has abstract beginnings but takes shape as we work on it, preferably together. Let’s look beyond what we think we see, beyond our own opinions, even if we sometimes don’t really know what is real and what is unreal—virtual and IRL.

The potential power of design is very real. Discover things that are so good, it’s unreal. Meet real smart designers and see real amazing innovations. Real meaningful, real crazy, beautiful, helpful, hopeful, careful, unexpected, impressive and simply great design.

So, don’t believe everything you think. See what the future could look like at Dutch Design Week 2024.  


Come and experience the power of design.
See how it shapes our future at Dutch Design Week 2024.

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