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HKU Alumni 2020
The Qawas, a recently discovered organism

De Qawas | Annebel Vernooij

3D viewing room
De Qawas - Annebel Vernooij
Judith Tielemans
This project is part of HKU Alumni 2020

A research of the Qawas consisting of different models and an encyclopedia.

Qawas is the name of a recently discovered organism.

The biological scientist who discovered the Qawas built several life-size replicas of the Qawas to study them properly. Each replica shows a different form of life, such as reproduction, aging and the absorption and emission of food.

An encyclopedia has emerged from this research, the encyclopedia bundles all information known to date about the Qawas. The encyclopedia explains among others in detail how the Qawas originated, how it feeds, how it reproduces and what the pattern of life looks like.