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We are a collective of 21 designers - united by the talent development program Driving Dutch Design. Together we are researching the theme of 'value'.

Driving Dutch Design: Re-Value — Studio sessions

Driving Dutch Design 2020

Driving Dutch Design is known as talent development program for talented, creative entrepreneurs who undertake an intensive professionalization process for 10 months. They joined forces to present the end result both collectively and individually. This year's theme is Re-Value!

During studio sessions we will explore “value” and Re-Value in the themes Rebel, Research, Reconnect, Reinvent, Reflect, React - 6 meetings in which we have a 60-minute conversation with 3 or 4 Drivers. We will focus on the post-corona era: how will this world take shape and how can creative entrepreneurs (designers, artists, artists, thinkers and makers) play a role in it? You can follow the studio sessions via our website ( and our Instagram (@drivingdutchdesign).

Listen to the full conversation, in Dutch, via the podcast Driving Dutch Design. Listen via Spotify, Apple Podcast, and your other favorite podcast apps.

Join us in the conversation about this subject during our offline exhibition or follow us via our website and instagram @drivingdutchdesign.

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Driving Dutch Design

Driving Dutch Design is a talent development program initiated by ABN AMRO, the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and the Dutch Design Foundation (DDF).