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Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)
When food is life… but life get’s messy


BAVET_front view
Gert Verstreken
This project is part of Interieurvormgeving-Meubelontwerpen - Mechelen (B)

BAVET is a table that takes the user back to his/her childhood. The concept for the table follows from a clean, grown-up approach to the children's bib. In addition, gives it a new, modern interpretation of the tablecloth that, in contrast to the table frame, takes the spotlight in this design.

BAVET is a table that can literally be "worn" by the user. The white tablecloth can be tied around the neck by both table guests, which strengthens the contact between one another and will allow them to enjoy their meal carefree.

Due to the refined shape of the wooden base, the emphasis is placed on the white tablecloth with a red collar as a graphic detail. This makes the table an almost poetic object in space, with a playful note.

On either side of the table, a metal bar will slide into the table keeping the tablecloth, nicely pleated, in its place. As a result, the tablecloth and table are merged in to one design. After use , the tablecloth can easily be detached and washed.

MATERIALS: table frame in European oak 32 mm – 2 steel bars, lacquered in red – tablecloth in white cotton with a red cotton trim.

SIZE: 650x700x750 mm

CREDITS: photos: Gert Verstreken [] – Model: Els Janssens