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Character with Braille.

Braille Neue

3D viewing room
Braille Neue
Kosuke Takahashi
This project is part of Antenna

Braille Neue is a universal typeface that combines braille with existing characters, so it communicates to both the sighted and blind. This will not only spread awareness of Braille but become allow people who were previously unconnected to share information and empathize with each other.

My project often began as an investigation into the potential of communication. For me, the design is a method to bridge the gap between people. Through my work, I seek to design products and services that connect people who were previously unconnected.

The biggest inspiration for Braille Neue was the words my blind friend said: ‘If you can read braille, you can read books in the dark’. His perspective made me aware of the untapped potential and the future of communication tools. As well as being universally accessible, Braille Neue creates opportunities for conversation and connection where they might have been lacking. We aim to use this typeface at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics to creates an inclusive society.