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The Essence of Playing

The essence of playing_collection — © Gianmaria Della Ratta and Giorgio Gasco

As part of "Things that matter", our project highlights the importance of the proximity between people and goods. Customers are the protagonists of the creative process. Personal attachment to the product will increase its value.


For DDW 2021 we want to present our new project “the essence of playing”. This work is in line with our last year’s project Digital Muses, in the sense of being inspired by digital realities, in order to explore new aesthetics and approaches in the process of creation. This year, we want to focus on the world of gaming.

The power of videogames

We are interested in the power of video games in generating emotions. A single match is able to create a multitude of moods, and it presents many social norms regarding involvement. Besides, video games allow us to play with our identity and be whoever we want to be through the creation of avatars and the impersonification of different characters. During our research, we stepped upon the concept of gamification. In short, it is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Games dynamics have been deeply analysed in the course of the past years and categorized. One of these categories, the “Empowerment of Creativity”, has attracted our interest, because it consists in the peculiar human capacity of going beyond materiality and imagine new realities. Good examples in this sense are the LEGO, and the avatar customization typical of RPGs video games.

The project

Our design collection considers the strategies of gamification, asking the user to participate in the process of creation. The customer had the chance to customise an avatar, that drove the elaboration of a custom design piece, that has been produced as a result of the aesthetic and identity of the character created. Our aim is to grasp the essence of the gaming experience and turn it into a collection that allows the user to perceive the same emotions it would feel while playing.

About Gianmaria Della Ratta & Giorgio Gasco

GIANMARIA & GIORGIO in 2019 they joined forces to work on the self-initiated project Digital Muses. Propelled by the interest received and the research success, the duo has the goal to expand the design experimentation. Through cunning and uncommon digital manipulation they manage to achieve completely new aesthetics. They don't define themselves only as designers or artists, but their practice and work are on the verge of both. They believe in the poetry and narrative power of things.

The essence of playing_Character making

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