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Cabinet of Collaborations - Klokgebouw Satellite

Cabinet of Collaborations is all about the role and value of the designer for the industry.

Cabinet of Collaborations Satellite @Klokgebouw — © Visual by Envisions, Bastiaan de Nennie

An interdisciplinary group-exhibition showcasing the processes and results from engaging collaborations between designers and industry. This relevant satellite object redirects you to the main expo @Fuutlaan Hall (Area Station)

The power of differences

Despite differences, close and early collaboration can result in the implementation of creative ideas, the reshaping of production processes, or deep exchange of knowledge amongst disciplines. Approaching business priorities from a design perspective can lead to surprising findings. Do we continue past habits or adapt our system of production? Or search for balance on both sides and find the greater number?

The greater value of conversation

One of the 4 subthemes of DDW 21, this event addresses the challenges of responsible design in a time where production mass enroaches on resource availability. The projects show reciprocal interactions between creatives and industry, leading to innovative and conscientious results.
At the heart of the space of the main expo @Fuutlaan lies a meeting place, facilitating encounters with participating designers and their partners.

This event is organized by the Dutch Design Foundation and is designed and curated in collaboration with Envisions and Rick Tegelaar.

About Dutch Design Foundation

After the corona crisis, can we still walk the same path we have been walking for the past decades? Shouldn't we break with the blind focus on economic growth? And shouldn't there be a greater emphasis on well-being and happiness? In the search for a better balance, designers have a pioneering role.
With the overarching theme The Greater Number, Dutch Design Week 2021 addresses, stimulates and presents this search, the search for better.

Cabinet of Collaborations Satellite @Klokgebouw

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Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw 50
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