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Sustainable Products

The following weeks we’ll look back at DDW defining the key thematic storylines and coinciding content of 2020. On this page you'll find everything around the last DDW20 theme of the series: Sustainable Products.

Design is partly responsible for an overabundance of products in our lives, but also offers the solution. Discover the designers who use radical processes and materials - from natural substances such as mushroom mycelium, to manipulated vegan leathers - to reduce waste and promote more meaningful object relationships. Can we then move towards a circular economy? This question is at the heart of the Sustainable Products theme.

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DDW Talks: Sustainable Products

Can sustainable materials really help us build a better future? And what makes a product sustainable? During DDW Talks: Sustainable Products, various speakers discussed the possibilities of sustainable product glass, from a material, product and consumer point of view. The life cycle of glass and the increasingly scarce component sand were examined. Glass is widely advertised as a better choice than plastic, but how sustainable is it actually? Take a look at the DDW Talk below!

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Sustainable design solutions

The future of design can, and must, increasingly focus on reducing waste and plastic. With the Materialized exhibition, Isola Design District shows the vision of its international design community and research projects on biomaterials into innovative sustainable furniture. What awaits us tomorrow? Discover it in the 3D Viewing Room.

The WORTH Partnership project creates and supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, manufacturing SMEs and more people looking for design-driven and innovative ideas. During DDW, they presented 62 partnership projects committed to developing more smart, sustainable and inclusive growth through design solutions. Check out the 3D Viewing Room below!

United Matters is a collective of graduates of the MA study Material Futures 2020 of Central Saint Martins. At the intersection of craft, science and technology, they use a variety of approaches to explore how we can live in the future and how we can deal with systems of the uncertain present. Check out the 3D Viewing Room.

New materialism

How do materials around us build and inform our lives? How should we view our relationships with them, in terms of use and value? In Methods of New Materialism, The Arena (part of the Graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven) presented several stories about material production, life cycles and infrastructure on Sunday 18 October. Take a look at the entire panel discussion below!

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The earth is warming up, but mankind is arming itself against it with rechargeable fans and air conditioning systems that cost so much electricity that the earth is only getting warmer. Design students Esmée Willemsen and Anna Koppmann came up with a finer, healthier and more sustainable solution to make our environment livable even in extreme heat. With Plus Minus 25, they designed a heat-regulating curtain that keeps houses and flats cool without consuming electricity. Watch the episode of Antenna about Plus Minus 25 below!

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