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This year, Dutch Design Week will again be hosting various Design Tours for several audiences. During the 18th edition of the festival, the tours will mainly take place around Strijp-S. The goal of these tours is to inspire, stimulate design thinking and connect designers to business professionals. From 19 to 27 October 2019, the doors to the future are open in a city that is buzzing with innovation and creative energy for nine days.
Why becoming a Design Guide?

Being a Design Guide during DDW gives you the opportunity to broaden your network with colleagues, representatives from business, education and the cultural sector. In addition, during the Design Tours you can share your enthusiasm for Dutch design and make the right connections between designers and (professional) visitors. Not unimportant: there is a nice merit to your work as a Design Guide! In addition to free entrance to all DDW locations, you will receive a good financial compensation for each tour that you will host.

What do we expect?

As representative of the organisation, we expect a certain amount of professionalism and an active, motivated attitude from you. You are well prepared to give the tour and know the projects that will be discussed during the tour. Moreover, you know how to take the lead. In addition, you are skilled in communication and able to excite a group of people with your knowledge.

Please note: Dutch is the standard language for all tours. As a Design Guide, you must be able to speak and understand Dutch.

Type of tours & fee
  • A taste of DDW tour
    Compact tour of the Klokgebouw that gives a tour participant a good taste of what DDW is all about.
    Fee per hour € 35,- excl. btw

  • Discovery tour
    Extensive discovery of Strijp-S that will lead you past high-profile exhibitions, creative crossovers and inspiring innovations.
    Fee per hour € 40,- excl. btw

  • Atelier tour (subject to change)
    Meetings with designers are central to this design safari around Sectie-C.
    Fee per hour € 40,- excl. btw

  • Thema tours (new this year!)
    The themes include: Circular & Bio-based building, Sustainable design (products & services), Mobility, Health, Public Safety and Water. During the tours, visitors can dive deeper into the themes to be seen at the Strijp-S area.
    Fee per hour € 40,- excl. btw

  • Custom tour
    This tour is completely personalized to the wishes of the guests and business relations; custom made by the DDW programme team.
    Fee per hour € 50,-

    In addition to the standard fee, each guide receives a DDW ticket that allows you to visit all the paid locations throughout the week.
Important dates
23 August 2019 Deadline communicating availability
19 September 2019 (please note: this date has been changed) Masterclass for all Design Guides
1 October 2019 Receiving the definitive overview of your tours
14 October 2019 Receiving the scripts for your tours 
17 October 2019 Final debrief for all Design Guides 
19 - 27 October 2019 Dutch Design Week


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