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Lonely Pool People

I wish I had friends with a pool :-(

Anouk Lemm

A customized pool, targeted to people who suffer from a “poolless” social circle.


When temperatures starts reaching the 25°C mark, I noticed the rise of a specific kind of tweet. People expressing their frustrations and discomfort of not having access to a pool, through tweets. I found that the main themes of these tweets are jealousy and loneliness, which stem from not having friends with pools.

I designed a pool for these 'lonely pool people' made in a specific shape and material, to cater loneliness. After researching loneliness, I got inspired by the infamous “blow-up sex doll”. The shape of these dolls was the starting point for the design of the pool. The cheap plastic material in combination with the odd shape, result in a lonely-looking pool.


Since the Covid pandemic, the project has gained new meaning. Never has this project been more relevant as in these times of isolation during one of the hottest summers in history. Covid made public swimming areas less accessible, resulting in people having to find creative solutions to escape the heat. This made plastic pools a prime target.

About Anouk Lemm

Anouk Lemm is a creative who is fascinated by the relatability of online behavior and other uncommonalities from our society. After graduating from Visual Design, she expanded her research methods and conceptual thinking by completing the bachelor Advertising at Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam.

Anouk Lemm

Andere deelnemers

Art Tech Fun Robots eGirls Manifestations

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