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The preparations for the next Dutch Design Week (DDW) are underway. Join the team, and help make DDW22 a success! For example, by working at a ticket desk or information point. By assisting visitors in finding their way and giving them a tour. Or volunteer in many other activities!
© Max Kneefel

As a volunteer, you are the face of DDW. You are, for example, behind a ticket counter, an information counter, or an exhibition. You help visitors find their way, show them around and help with ad hoc activities. There is a lot to do! That's why we want you to work independently according to the organization's guidelines. You understand the work that needs to be done and aren't afraid to take action. Of course, we provide guidance and information as needed.

Do you like design and would you like to interact with a diverse and international audience? Are you available from 22 to 30 October? Then we are looking for you!


Volunteers will receive an allowance per hour of € 2,75 (16-20 years old) or € 5,00 (21 years old and older). With a maximum of €180 per month. A free DDW22 ticket and a crew T-shirt are also included. Lunch is provided on the days you work. 

Check out the different volunteer opportunities:

Tickets & Ticket booth

Ticket booth assistant
Visitors who did not purchase an e-ticket in presale can purchase DDW tickets on location on the day of the event. You can deal with visitors in cash or by card and give them a wristband for a week of access to all DDW locations.

E-ticket scanner
Visitors who purchased tickets online received an e-ticket. This e-ticket is scanned and a wristband is given to the visitor, which allows access to all DDW passe-partout locations for a week. You will be scheduled for this job in the Klokgebouw or at the Dutch Design Awards exhibition.

Ticket Control
As Ticket Control, you will stand at the entrance to Klokgebouw or Microlab Hall and verify the validity of visitor's entry tickets. Your job is to assist the visitor if something is wrong with the ticket.

Infoguide / expo host

The role of a guard is to steer an exhibition in the right direction. You are clearly present on the floor and know what is going on. You ensure visitors don't touch anything, that digital means continue to work, and that the space stays tidy. Do visitors have any questions? No problem! Of course, you’ll help them out. Locations are either the Dutch Design Awards exhibition or another Dutch Design Foundation production.

Info guide Bicycle
As an info guide on a cargo bike, you will be the face of DDW at various locations around the city. You and your colleague pick up the cargo bike with the iPad at the Klokgebouw at Strijp-S in the morning. You'll cycle together to the assigned location, where you'll receive printed material to distribute to visitors. As an info guide, you have a lot of contact with visitors, so you're obviously friendly and welcoming. Additionally, you have a keen interest in everything that happens at DDW22. Knowing what's going on and where makes advising visitors a breeze.

© Max Kneefel

Info guide Information desk
The information desk is located in Klokgebouw. You will receive a variety of questions from visitors as an information guide. Because you know what's going on and where, you'll have their questions answered in no time! You are a team player, independent and solution-oriented. By doing so, you help visitors navigate DDW easily.

Host Events Hall
DDW has several moments during which hosts are deployed in the event hall. You are responsible for the reception, cloakroom, guest list, and door control. Also, there are many other tasks: from providing parking tickets to carrying chairs. Jump in when necessary!

Help with the tours
DDW organizes various tours for companies and groups. Sometimes by bike through the city, sometimes on foot at Strijp-S. You assist at the reception and guide the guests on tours. Tours are supervised by a professional Design Guide who supervises the content. You assist the Design Guide, distribute headsets, and make sure the group stays together.

Taxi Driver

Chauffeur Design Rides
Travel through Eindhoven in your Design Ride as a part of the driver team! To become a driver you must be at least 21 years old and an experienced driver. You are customer-friendly, think along with your visitors, and speak Dutch and English. Having immersed yourself in the DDW programme and the various locations, you know what to do and see. You follow the traffic rules and you are a proud ambassador of DDW and Eindhoven. At least 5 years of driving experience is required for this position. 

Info guide Design Rides
You will report to the Design Rides starting point in the morning and ride with one of the Design Rides drivers to your workplace. This is one of the pick-up points for visitors around the city. There, you will represent the DDW all day. Your customer service is impeccable. It's important to you to know what's going on at DDW and where. Handy, because this way you can steer visitors in the right direction!

Flex Crew

As a member of the DDW flex crew, you will help out at various DDW locations. You jump in where the need is greatest, or you fill in a shift. The most exciting thing about this job is that you will be full of surprises and every day looks different. We always ensure that you are well briefed on the road or provided with information at the location where you will work. This position is for those who like to be deployed flexibly. Tip: you see a lot of the city and the DDW! 

MINI Design Ride
© Max Kneefel