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DDW Young

All information on this page pertains to Dutch Design Week 2023.

Visit Dutch Design Week with children, students and youngsters

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is great fun for children, young people and/or students. There are loads of fun, interactive and accessible locations and presentations that are definitely worth a visit. Dutch Design Week is a great opportunity for everyone, no matter their age, to easily get in touch with designers and experience how they work towards a positive future with an optimistic attitude!
© Manifestations - DDW22 - Tommy Köhlbrugge


DDW Young has filtered a selection of designers’ projects in the DDW23 programme that are especially fun and interesting for children and young people from 6 to 18 years old. Click here to find recommendations tailored for children aged 6 and above, for those aged 10 and older, or for those 14 years and up. 

© Klokgebouw - DDW22 - Max Kneefel

Why DDW Young?

Children and young people are the makers of the future. That’s why it is so important that they see and experience the value of design for our future world. By growing up with the understanding that design plays a vital role in economic, social, and ecological progress, they are more likely to embrace design thinking in their future roles as clients, users, or even designers themselves. 

Design can also play an important role in the development and education of children and young people:

  • They learn critical thinking
  • It helps them work well together
  • They experience the freedom and autonomy design thinking brings
  • It is great fun!
© Ketelhuisplein - DDW22 - Max Kneefel

DDW Young routes

Special DDW Young routes will soon be posted online. Explore DDW by following one of the DDW Young routes, curated by the DDW team. These routes offer a comprehensive experience of design, creativity, and technical innovations. You can meet designers and engage in hands-on design activities at various locations.  Choose the route that suits you, your children or students best, locate the starting point, and embark on an exploratory journey, either on foot or by bike! Have fun exploring!

Browse the routes

Information point

The DDW Young information point can be found in the heart of DDW at Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S, (Map No. C4 | Strijp-S). The design guides at this information point can provide you with all the information about DDW making it the perfect starting point for children, young people, students in groups, or families to begin their exploration of DDW.

Ketelhuisplein is also the place where you can discover the robot G2-6T, which we had the pleasure of borrowing from Manifestations, and join the build of the smart marble run by Marblelous TECH! What a great way to start DDW!

© Manifestations - DDW22 - Tommy Köhlbrugge

Tickets for families, schools and educational institutes

Family and student tickets will be available later on.