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DDW Young

Visit Dutch Design Week with children and youngsters

Dutch Design Week is also really interesting for children, young people and/or students. There are loads of accessible locations and presentations that are worth a visit. It is easy to get in touch with designers, to experience how they work towards a positive future with an optimistic attitude!
© Manifestations © Tommy Köhlbrugge


DDW Young has filtered a selection of designers’ projects in the programme especially for children and young people from 6 to 18 years old. You can download tips for children from 6 years or from 12 years upwards.

Tips 6+ years old (Dutch)


Tips 6+ years old (English)


Tips 12+ years old (Dutch)


Tips 12+ years old (English)

© DDW Klokgebouw ©MaxKneefel

Why DDW Young?

Children and young people are the makers of the future. That’s why it is so important that they see and experience the value of design for our future world. If they grow up with the realisation that design is an essential element of economic, social and ecological development, they will be more inclined to apply design thinking in their later lives, as clients, users of designers themselves.

Design can also play an important role in education:

  • Students learn critical thinking.
  • It helps them work well together.
  • They experience the freedom and autonomy design thinking brings.
© DDW Ketelhuisplein © MaxKneefel

DDW Young routes

Special DDW Young routes will soon be posted online. Explore Dutch Design Week (DDW) by following one of the DDW Young routes, made by DDW. On a DDW Young route you can see and experience everything to do with design, creativity and technical innovations, meet designers and get stuck in with design yourself in all kinds of places. Choose the perfect route for you, find the starting point and embark on a tour of discovery, either on foot or by bike!

View the routes

Information point

The DDW Young information point is in Natlab at Strijp-S. This is the starting point for children, young people and/or students in groups or as families. A design guide has all the information you need about DDW, making it the ideal starting point for exploring DDW. Natlab’s sub-theme this year is Play, and it offers all kinds of events for children and young people, such as the Taartrovers filmfestival and an exhibition by animation makers Job, Joris & Marieke. See the whole programme here.

Natlab is also a handy place for groups to meet and for young people to visit DDW independently. This is also where you can help build the smart marble run from Marblelous TECH. Are you in?!


© Manifestations © Tommy Köhlbrugge

Young tours

Join a tour with our expert Design Guide and dive into the innovative and optimistic world of design and designers. The tour is for children and teens ages 6-18, and supervisors are also welcome.

Practical information:

  • When? Wednesday October 26 or Friday October 28 from 11:30h to 12:30h. Entry from 11:00h.
  • Starting point? DDW Young info point in Natlab. Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Sign up? Please send an e-mail before Sunday 23 October to State the number of people you are coming with, your names and ages. A maximum of 15 children, teenagers and supervisors can join, so be quick, full = full!
  • Cost? This tour is offered by DDW for free.

Get Set

The theme of DDW22 is Get Set… We’re on a mission! Want to find out more? Read the interview with Creative Head of DDW Miriam van der Lubbe.

Are you visiting DDW with children or your family? There are special tickets available for younger visitors, or you can choose a DDW Family Ticket. All information and prices are listed on the Tickets page.