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Studio Visit

Meet Floris Schoonderbeek

Take a look in the studio of one of the designers from the DDW Community. This time we're visiting product designer and developer Floris Schoonderbeek!

Video © Blickfänger

Press release

New identity DDW

For a new identity for the festival, Dutch Design Week (DDW) has joined forces with the Amsterdam agency thonik. For its twentieth anniversary, DDW and thonik will be looking for a style that unites continuity and change.

© Studio thonik, Amsterdam


Designer Dialogues LIVE

In Designer Dialogues LIVE, various designers interviewed each other about the DDW20 theme; The new intimacy.

Pleun van Dijk & Hannah van Luttervelt © Max Kneefel

DDW Magazine

Check the online DDW Magazine

Throughout the year, the online magazine features new articles, interviews and Q&As.

© Studio Verbaan

During Dutch Design Week (DDW) Jeroen Junte, Editor in Chief at Design Digger and design correspondent for a.o. De Volkskrant, wrote a daily column about the trends on DDW20.

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DDW Trend: The design of the future? Microdesign!

24 Oct, 2020
DDW Trends DDW20 DDW20 Trends
Deep Design. Uh? Never heard of it. Could well be. It is a new discipline. According to ‘deep designer’ Anne van Strien, this means “working from the premise that form follows consciousness instead of function". Forms follows consciousness – an interesting thought. To illustrate: in order to change our view on water issues, for example, we must first learn to listen. Van Strien therefore created the podcast series Listening to the voice of water. Hence Deep Design can be heard in the Embassy of Water.

DDW Trend: Getting physical with big data

23 Oct, 2020
DDW Trends DDW20 DDW20 Trends
Data dominate our lives. So yes, data are, of course, inevitable at Dutch Design Week (DDW). Or to be more precise, the information we divulge with these data. Even though it is at times very convenient; for instance, when Google immediately understands what you're looking for on the DDW website. However, our lives are increasingly influenced by data in an invisible manner. And this influence is far more subtle and extends much further than pumping out fake news and conspiracy theories.

DDW Trend: Comfort and healing with emo design

22 Oct, 2020
DDW Trends DDW20 DDW20 Trends
We live in a period of massive uncertainty, which in turn stirs feelings of upheaval and listlessness. Or even depression. The climate and Covid-19. Trump in power and the housing market collapsing. One demographic suffering immensely is the millenials. That seems to be something of a consensus among the final project exhibit at Design Academy Eindhoven, which contains various projects with an almost therapeutic impact.

DDW Trend: Rebalancing of materials research

21 Oct, 2020
DDW20 DDW Trends DDW20 Trends
It is no longer possible to imagine contemporary design without material experiments. As in previous years, Dutch Design Week (DDW) offers an array of sustainable, innovative, surprising but also quirky and at times downright nonsensical projects with which designers experiment with materials.

DDW Trend: Sitting on the Zeitgeist

20 Oct, 2020
DDW20 DDW Trends DDW20 Trends
As early as 1926, Mart Stam showed it with his legless chair made from bent steel for the manufacturer Thonet. It was a pilot model for what the modern industry had in store. A hyper-functional chair with a futuristic looped shape. Just like Ray & Charles Eames with their throne for the 1950s' middle class – an oversized lounge chair that perfectly embodied leisure time, itself a novel concept. A more recent example is Dirk van der Kooij, who introduced a new kind of eco-tech with his chairs made of waste plastic and a robot arm converted into a 3D printer.

DDW Trend: Reconciliation with nature

19 Oct, 2020
DDW20 DDW Trends DDW20 Trends
The Anthropocene Epoch is an unavoidable theme for designers. Man and earth are, after all, inextricably linked. On an ever increasing scale, the destructive attitude of man contrasts with caring nature.