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DDW21 is a wrap

Thank you for your visit!

It’s a wrap! The 20th edition of DDW is over. And oh boy, what a joy it was to surround ourselves with design. To stroll around the city, looking for inspiration and fantastic design projects. See you next year!

© Tommy Köhlbrugge


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During DDW21, we broadcasted daily DDW TV; a talk show full of fascinating conversations and inspiring items. Presenter Brecht van Hulten - together with sidekick Martijn Paulen - spoke with, amongst others, designers and (former) ambassadors.


DDW21 trends

Look back on all DDW21 trends

During DDW, design journalist Jeroen Junte wrote a daily column in which he discussed a number of visible trends of DDW21. Discover Jeroen's take on DDW!

© Tommy Köhlbrugge

MINI Voices

Stories that have to be told

In MINI Voices, designers express their thoughts on sustainability and how they deal with it in their designs and processes.

© Studio RENS
During DDW, there’s so much to see and do. Projects, events, studios – we are surrounded by design. Every evening of DDW, we broadcasted the daily show DDW TV. A live talk show with exciting interviews and inspiring items. All episodes can be rewatched now!
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