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Living with Anxiety

Living with Anxiety started from documentation of a personal journey of anxiety. Each project started out as an expression of my own inner difficulties. Now the hope of this project is to translate it into a diverse medium that can resonate with many others who are also suffering from anxiety.

Living with anxiety

Once the anxiety became visually understandable , many surprisingly expressed a lot of empathy and consideration . With this unexpected response , I do not only realize the compassion of others but also that anxiety is a feeling shared by many . I decided to share and also deliver empathy to others by translating selected drawings into tangible and tactile interior pieces . Living with Anxiety is a collection of textile objects scaled up from drawings hopes to assist people face and rethink their anxiety to overcome it .


Seok Park is a designer making garments and textile objects. Inspired by focusing on the things undervalued, hidden, and forgotten around us, the studio continuously discovers narratives, materiality, and methodology in its design practices.
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