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The Biggest Living Room in the Netherlands - Stefanie Rittler

14 October 2018

Introducing: Ilê by STEFANIE RITTLER

Stefanie Rittler is an activist Designer. She studied social design in the master course at Design Academy of Eindhoven, at the schools of wood and product design. In 2016 she founded her own design studio - Studio Jephrim. Stefanie moves between the fine lines of contemporary art, design, and craftsmanship. Her focus lies on manual work with all kinds of materials, from small to large objects, always with a humorous and critical view of the world and how we deal with it. She's part of the architectural collective constructLab and the Hamburger collective Hallo Festspiele.

"Looking back in the past, columns were used as structural elements for architecture, but also standing alone as a decorative strong symbol for history. They transmit attributes of strength, power and seem quite grounded. So combining all aspects I come to a simply reduced appearance of a column in my collection of Ilê. Just adding another element - fire. Imagining moth turning around a source of light at night, I see social constellations gathering around the warmth and coziness of this light source in the biggest living room in the Netherlands."