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"Rain" Watchers

A space for people to experience the rain, and more than the rain, from watching to exploring nature as a healing environment with all senses.

Have you seen the rain? Have you watched the rain?

Rain provides water for many types of ecosystems. But it can also get us wet and be very unpredictable. The emotional relationships between the rain and humans are often complicated.

Experience the rain in a new way, at the space "Rain" Watchers.

*Opening Hours and Guided Tours/Workshops*

As an outdoor space, it's open to the public at all times. Feel free to go there, sit down, look up, and explore the movements of the trees, the rain, and the environment with all your senses any time, and find surprise in any weather condition.

During Dutch Design Week, there will be some guided tours from the designer.
Extra free guided tours/workshops appointment by text/phone call: +31 645511748, or email: tinoyu.mail@gmail.com

You can watch the documentary of this project (every day during DDW) and experience a Rain Meditation (time slots follow) at the Graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven. (Location: Heuvel, DDW Ticketes needed)

For the most updated information, check on Instagram: @littlefishtino, and website: www.rainwatchers.org

Look up, and feel what's around: let's watch the rain, and more than the rain!

Locating in the terrain De Grote Beek of the mental health institution GGzE, a space called โ€œrainโ€ is for you to experience the rain, and more than the rain, from watching to all senses.

When you enter the space, or just think about it, time becomes raining, after the rain and waiting for the rain.

While raining, sitting in the installation, looking up, you will see water drops transforming into a view you have never seen, from the subtle interaction between humans and nature. You also experience it with smell, sound, touch, and more. From the experience, people can live in the moment of now and practice the freedom of letting go of control. People can take a break from running/thinking or using language. It's also a special way to connect to another person by sharing this special experience.

In any weather condition, at any time, just by being there, and taking a rest, surprises from nature always come.

As a deep and long-term collaboration with GGzE, we take tours around this space with clients, employees, and citizens in mixed groups. We share the same goal of inviting and guiding people to explore nature as a healing environment.

Details for guided tours/workshops

Each tour lasts 15 min-30min, depending on how many people. Everyone is welcome. It's available in any weather condition. Please wear warm and comfortable clothing.

Planned tours:
Saturday 21st October / 14:20- 16:20
Tuesday 24th October / 13:30-15:30
Wednesday 25th October / 15:30-17:30
Friday 27th October / 9:30-12:00
Sunday 29th October / 14:20-16:20

At the graduation Show of Design Academy Eindhoven. (Location: Heuvel, DDW Ticketes needed)

Rain Meditation:
Sunday 22nd October / 14:00-14:20
Wednesday 25th October / 14:05-14:20
Friday 27th October / 15:55-16:10
Sunday 29th October / 12:00-12:20

Documentary: Everyday

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Over littlefishtino

littlefishtino is a design studio focusing on human senses, non-traditional
ways of communication, green mental health, and social/political issues.

Founded by a curious and practical person, Tino who wants to offer some new
experiences and stories to the world.

Other area, GGzE Landgoed De Grote Beek, Grote Beekstraat 18b , Map No. X1
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