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DUO-TOON Project

SOLO and Together in search of new interior forms: a combination of craft and digital design and production technology with other designers.

TELGANG dressoir kersenhout — © Evenlien Seegers

For this DUO-TOON project, as a self-producing furniture designer, I show original and independently developed furniture objects. And we present interior objects made in collaboration. The project shows the emotionally (intuitively) calculated beauty from material and technical possibilities.

SOLO in motion. My ambition is to combine function and drama, solidity and playfulness.

As a self-producing furniture designer and visual artist, I create
furniture objects and specific place-specific interiors from our own studio and workshop.
From sketch design to final product: 'free work' and 'commissioned work'.
Custom orders with a personally composed package of wishes is possible. The assignment-related projects are also recognizable by a further developed handwriting. I get inspiration from nature and history.
Important elements are perspective and plasticity.

I realize that I stand on the shoulders of many predecessors.
Czech Cubism has proved to be a great source of inspiration for me.
"If the design is oriented towards art, it automatically becomes useful", is a quote from the Czech Cubist Pavel Janák from 1910. Cubism flourished in the 1910s with its multifaceted simultaneity of visibly several side surfaces. She opens the attack on central perspective orthogonality and creates movement and interaction. Dynamics arise between empty and filled space, structure moves and the viewer simultaneously experiences different points of view.

There is a permanent form research.

NOVÝ SKOK, interior object. In collaboration with Studio BL-Bastiaan Luijk

The NOVÝ SKOK, a small triangular side table, was created in collaboration based on a design by Frida van der Poel from 1994. Formerly called SKOK.

The powerful combination of digital production technology and traditional craftsmanship is innovative.
The recognizable triangular shape, standing on three legs, consists partly of renewed material in combination with various types of wood.

We present two new versions:
-with a new 3D-printed top surface in the spiral phyllotaxis pattern. Very strong and sustainably produced. In a mix of renewable raw materials such as PLA (Polylactic acid) and the wood material liguine.
-with a new 3D-printed kink-shaped third leg made of transparent colored recycled PET. The transparency of the new material created the possibility of lighting it.
This has now created a small piece of furniture as a side table and light object.

KULISI, folding screen together with Mariëtte Wolbert, textile designer.

KULISI is a room divider that can be placed independently.
This innovative screen satisfies both at home and in the working environment. It is designed in such a way that it can be placed independently anywhere. It works as a room divider. Visually and acoustically, it makes spaces comfortable, cozy and intimate. It creates peace.

Wool felt is used in a double layer in the KULISI room divider. Special laser production technique creates a structure in a semi-transparent pattern. A transparent coulisse effect is created.
Wool felt is acoustic, moisture-regulating and sound-absorbing.

The frame of the Kulisi folding screen can be made in different types of wood in combination with a variety of wool felt options.

Over Frida van der Poel

As a self-producing furniture designer, I make sculpture-like functional furniture objects with a specific self-developed design language inspired by Czech Cubism (around 1910) that combines time and perspective, mobility and playfulness. In 1985 I started as an autodidact and in 1991 I continued my practice as a graduate of the HMC in Amsterdam. Since 1990 I have been involved as a founder and participant in the still flourishing Association for Applied Art Galerie Zône.

OVIVAT kleinmeubel vitrine — © Wil van der Voort

NOVÝ SKOK — © Bastiaan Luijk

KULISI kamerscherm — © Dennis A-Tjak

portrait in werkplaats — © Hielco Kuipers

Sectie-C area, Atelier Houtwerff, Daalakkersweg 4-26 , Map No. I5
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