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@ Plan-B Eindhoven

Kiki van Eijk

Plan B has been Kiki&Joost’s creative hub for the last three years, a space that helped them to foster creative projects and functioned as a platform to produce and make.

As Kiki & Joost are opening a new workshop in Eindhoven, Plan B during DDW will display TRACES of the designers’ creative process and remnants of studio daily life, The projects are randomly found in the emptiness of an industrial space. Traces that h

Over Kiki and Joost

Kiki spent her youth immerse in nature daydreaming and drawing.
Her world is whimsical and colourful, lyrical and personal, yet refined by skilful craftsmanship. Her wide range of works includes carpets, lighting, furniture, ceramics, glassware and textiles.

Joost is a prolific Dutch designer who GIVES great value to the process of making. A genuine fascination for the construction of the object - often revealed in the final outcome - is the starting point of his process.


Plan-B area, Hurksestraat 19
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