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What A Time To Be Alive!

What A Time To Be Alive! #WATTBA
Studio of Things

The exhibition 'What A Time To Be Alive!' (#WATTBA) highlights positive change in an extraordinary world. As a platform for young talent, TAC offers its space to daring designers who celebrate diversity and commonalities, individuality and togetherness, sustainability and change.

2019: What a ride it has been already. Brexit is turning into a soap opera, the Amazon rainforest is competing for funding with Notre Dame and artificial intelligence is becoming the next Van Gogh. What a time to be alive!

This is the world we live in now: bizarre, provocative and most of all, fun! The exhibition 'What A Time To Be Alive!' (#WATTBA) is a reflection of today’s upbeat and progressive society. Young and talented designers from all over the world take us to an exciting future with their limitless imaginations. They invent, crash cars and show us alternative realities. It really is an exceptional time to be alive!

TAC invites you to experience design that reflects on the present and thrills you for what is yet to come. See you at #WATTBA during Dutch Design Week 2019!


Temporary Art Centre (TAC)

The Temporary Art Centre (TAC) is a cultural incubator and meeting place. TAC functions as a platform for young creators and is home to over 100 artists and designers.