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Materialism- The bag project

Installation STUDIO DRIFT x Van Abbemuseum

Ralph Roelse

Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn of DRIFT fulfill their ambassadorship by premièring a new project of the Materialism series: Materialism- The bag project at the van ABBEMUSEUM in Eindhoven. Materialism-  The bag project , visualizesthe physical amount of plastic that exits each AH supermarket on an average day in Eindhoven. One block is made of one recycled AH shopping bag. Together the blocks form a sculpture every time a bag leaves the store. In addition, video clips shot in frontof AH stores display the rhythmic movements of doors opening and closing to an abstraction that demonstrates our habit of laziness.


With the duo’s immersive installations and sculptures DRIFT invites people to feel and re-connect with Nature. This nature experience starts on how to acknowledge the nature which surrounds us and what nature has to offer people, since we are all part of the system earth in so many ways which we are very often not even aware off. Nauta and Gordijn advocate for the development of human technology that can guide us through a meaningful and safe evolution. According to the artist duo the first step in this evolution is re-connecting to the earth systems, the earth’s interacting physical, chemical, and biological processes.