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The student service design challenge is a global design award that celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of designers.

Student Service Design Challenge 2020 Finalists Exhibition

The challenge is initiated by Philips Experience Design, and co-organized with SERVICE DESIGN DAYS, in collaboration with IBM and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to involve young designers in designing people-centered and future-oriented services to improve people's health, well-being and welfare.

This exhibition displays the most inspiring concepts - full-fledged product-service solutions that complied with the challenge's evaluation criteria: people-centered, society oriented, technology enabled, circular & sustainable, and business viable - and introduces you to the student design teams, and the research and ideation steps they made to design their service concepts.

The Student Service Design Challenge celebrated its first edition this year with the participation of student teams from 15 European schools and universities. 35 teams were selected, 20 made it into the final.

They all worked on the following challenge: 'How can we improve the heart health of people in Europe that are ‘invisible’, neglected, underserved, forgotten or overlooked?' The effort and solutions of all the teams made this inaugural edition an absolute success.

We invite you to visit this online exhibition and get to the know the services designed for overlooked target groups such as Roma people, overweight children, Turkish migrants, elderly living alone, and low-income parents.


Philips Experience Design

Philips Experience Design, and co-organised with SERVICE DESIGN DAYS, in collaboration with IBM and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation