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The Data Garden

3D viewing room
The Data Garden
Grow Your Own Cloud

The Data Garden is carbon negative data infrastructure to store and retrieve digital data from the DNA of plants. In contrast to the carbon emitting digital data cloud, The Data Garden works with data nature’s way, through organisms that create their own energy and absorb CO2.

Working with nature to alleviate the threat of ‘data warming‘, the Data Garden invites visitors to experience a new materiality around data, and explore a world in which data storage is truly green, and exists as an accessible public resource that is shareable within communities.

The Data Garden is a constructed organism that combines not only biological and technological elements, but produces an immersive, constantly changing environment, in which humans and nonhumans learn, evolve and grow. This type of plant-based data centres allow organisms of various types to flourish, marrying principles of working with nature and data, to create a self-sufficient plant-data ecosystem.

In the Data Garden, data stored within the plants’ DNA can be decoded using the latest genetic sequencing technologies. This process is triggered by introducing a liquid sample to a nanopore sequencer, which analyses the genetic information to reveal hidden messages, sounds and images to be experienced in the space.

The plants’ DNA is decoded in real time using genetic sequencing technologies, and displayed in space, revealing hidden messages.

Grow Your Own Cloud

Data Garden is created by Grow Your Own Cloud
Cyrus Clarke (UK), Monika Seyfried (PL) and Jeff
Nivala (US)


Graphic Design:
Kuba Bogacki, Krzysztof Seyfried, Olek Znosko

Ethics Advisor:
Annelie Berner

Fabrication Team:
Mike Hart, Rachael Starbuck, Ted Carey

The project was supported by Unlisted Projects (US), The
Museum of Human Achievement (US), Statens Kunstfond,
Roskilde Festival (DK), Catch (DK) and the Singer foundation.