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Dutch Design Awards 2020

Ninamounah | Collection 005 Complete Metamorphosis

3D viewing room
Toyobo Chine-collé, Printing: Eric Levert
Dit project is onderdeel van Dutch Design Awards 2020

Ninamounahʼs fifth collection continues to transfigure the concept of Metamorphosis following previous conceptual explorations of the intersection between biology and fashion design. From larva to cocoon, the organism finally enters its final stage. A time of sexual maturity.

Shapes and proportions carry both robust stillness and fluid movement, like metamorphosing lobster. Adapting to its surroundings, our muse represents infinite possibilities. Motor references are visible in office wear, a shirt transforms into a high cut bodysuit. Draped looks are liquified into momentous designs.
Traditional shirting and tailoring come with an exoskeleton of boning, creating dominant silhouettes and strong shoulders. A layered suit and a sleeveless puffer coat reference a protective shell still in the process of growth. Capturing a spirit of freedom, stereotypical staples are reinterpreted with a punk attitude. A matching shirt and tie combo paired with a hybrid of a pleated skirt and tailored trousers.

A disfigurement of the artisanal tradition. Pinstripe blues and blacks, herringbone browns and green and grey checks come in pure virgin wool and bio cottons. Reinterpretations of the labelʼs key pieces, the garments are a natural extension of their archival counterparts. Ninamounah does not aim to reinvent itself drastically every new season, but chooses to slowly grow with time, opting to perfect and reinterpret its own core pieces.

A hybrid of past and future.