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Graduation Show - Contextual Design

(Archief) This Work of Body / This Body of Work

An Invitation to Actively Pause

Dit project was onderdeel van DDW 2020
Curtain, to thread, to 100,000 knots — © Femke Rijskamp

Expectation and productivity are narratives which underwrite so many aspects of our lives - from production processes, to how we enjoy our ‘free’ time. By activating devoted hyperbolic repetition as a tool, this project strives to step beyond this these tired narratives into a space less defined.

‘The work’ is a durational pause, a form of sabotage, inspired by stories of factory workers who would gain momentary reprieve from work by throwing parts into the assembly-line to halt the machines. It comprises a series of devoted repetitions in which ‘

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A discarded textile transformed through undoing — © Žan Kobal

Each thread is removed and carefully reapplied — © Žan Kobal

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Graduation Show - Contextual Design

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Graduation Show - Contextual Design