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Graduation Show - Contextual Design

(Archief) Last Dinner in History

A theatre piece in three courses

Dit project was onderdeel van DDW 2020
Iris Rijskamp

With the aim of voicing autonomy in the face of institutional history-making, 'Last Dinner in History' is an exercise in what American writer Saidiya Hartman describes as critical fabulation - a method to craft narrative environments from which fiction can become a tool for political dissent.

'Last Dinner in History' is a theatre piece based on Parra's thesis text 'The Grandfather Paradox'*. The piece starts as guests are invited to seat at the table and dinner is served. The narrative action is structured around three courses in which cooking

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Blame it on the Cragg

"Let's break out the booze and have a ball..."

Main course: How to Scare an Octopus

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Graduation Show - Contextual Design

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Graduation Show - Contextual Design