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Treatment adherence to chronic medication
(UN SDG 3: Health and Wellness)


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FebriSol is a simple packaging intervention designed to help HIV+ patients remember to take their daily medication. Using scratch card technology and positive feedback patients are able to make treatment adherence habitual.

Poor adherence to antiretrovirals (ARVs) is one of the major factors preventing the eradication of HIV/AIDS—a disease which affects 37.9m people globally.

Adherence to ARVs prevents the transmission and mutation of the virus. Viral mutation can lead to drug-resistant HIV which is difficult to treat and the spread of which would be catastrophic.

Forgetfulness is a reason HIV+ patients don’t adhere to their treatment. It’s hard to remember to take medication daily, especially when a condition requires lifelong treatment. Key to managing the disease is finding simple, cost-effective and innovative approaches to increasing treatment adherence.

FebriSol is a sticker that, when added to ARV packaging, nudges patients to remember to take their medication. When patients take their pills, they scratch off the day. This action reveals a tick indicating adherence and provides positive reinforcement.

While FebriSol was originally designed to increase treatment adherence to antiretrovirals in the developing world it can be used to increase adherence to medications like those used to treat TB, heart disease, mental health, diabetes and many more chronic conditions.