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What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week
"Adapting to today's challenges"
A project by Anna Dienemann in cooperation with Dutch Design Week Foundation.

Bounding Spaces x DDW20

3D viewing room
Dit project is onderdeel van What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week

"A fashion-driven answer to the fact that we have to keep distance in public for longer."
How can we approach Covid-19 regulations during physical Dutch Design Week?

The pandemic we experience in the now is reshaping our lives in unexpected ways and social distancing will stay as an evident rule in public spaces for a long time to come.

“Bounding spaces” is a collection of size compressible accessories that allow us to claim our space without losing our style.

The accessories playfully adapt to the new circumstance by transforming right on the body into a distance keeper to naturally create inaccessible space around you and to protect you.

The wearables use a pop-up tent technique to instantly unfold whenever others might come too close. When the belt is released, they pop into flamboyant distance-keepers with various prints and forms to frame your personal boundary in public space.

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What if Lab: a Covid proof Design Week