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what does colour mean giulia pompilj — © ©FemkeReijerman

With “What Does Colour Mean” Giulia Pompilj seeks to restore the value of biodiversity with an installation that combines biology, craft, and local heritage.

What Does Colour Mean

The impacts of modern human societies on traditional cultures and natural habitats have caused huge loss of biodiversity, endangering the well-being of ecosystems. Intrigued by the fundamental function of plants for human survival, Giulia creates an analog machine that shows the complexity of nature while extracting colour from local plants. As in the ecosystems, in the natural dye process, the interrelation between heat, water, minerals, and plants is fundamental for creation. Therefore, biodiversity, like colours for natural dye, plays a key role in the quality of ecosystems. The machine is activated by pulling the yarn creating a textile resulting in biodiversity colours. Colours are not random, each is a consequence of specific biological imperatives or scientific mechanisms. Water and minerals make up the plants taking into account climatic and geological conditions. The plants make up the color. And it is quite evident that every colour reveals specific information about the local ecosystem.

Over giulia pompilj

Giulia Pompilj is a designer specializing in concept development and material research. Her practice seeks to blur the distinction between conceptions of the fantastical and the scientific, attempting to facilitate a kind of creative traffic between two ostensibly separate areas of thought: that of hard science and that of storytelling.
Centre area, Kazerne – Home of Design, Paradijslaan 2-8 , Map No. C8
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