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(Archief) Up close & Personal Expo

What role can design play when tackling five major themes?

Dit project was onderdeel van DDW 2021
The Community of Symbiosis — © Loes Voermans

Design United zooms in on design research conducted at the four Dutch technical universities. Join the live-streamed talk shows from the Effenaar, interact with and view prototypes developed at the exhibition in the Klokgebouw, and browse our online E-magazine.

The Community of Symbiosis

According to many scientists, the current “Anthropocene” era is characterised by human domination, prioritising the needs and benefits of humans above those of others, with many severe environmental, economic, and social crises as a result.
This project provokes us to rethink our role in relationships with plants, animals, and microbes, especially with regard to the role played by technology.

Loes Voermans, Eindhoven University of Technology

Unito: How can we design and build products made from CO2?

Unito explores the concept of carbon dioxide utilization, which considers CO2 as a feedstock to produce materials. By using these materials in products, the act of production leads to removal of CO2 from the atmosphere and its storage inside the built environment. By considering carbon storage as a design driver, this project imagines what products derived from CO2 might look like. In Unito, carbon is stored in modular building blocks designed to last for hundreds of years, reconfigurable into new products in anticipation of changing human needs.

Riel Bessai, Delft University of Technology