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(Archief) DDW Talks: Connected Living

How will we live and work together in the future?

Dit project was onderdeel van DDW 2021
Britt Roelse

At a time of rapidly changing social norms, growing political divides, and environmental concerns, we are finding new ways to live, work and play together. Discover the impact it will have on our homes and workplaces as we explore more collaborative and eco-friendly lifestyles.

A multitude of ways to connect in times of social distancing and quarantine.

Due to Covid-19, we had an exploding desire to make our direct environments a comfortable living, working, active, play, and social space. We have found a multitude of new ways to connect and be intimate in times of social distancing, quarantine and working at home. Designers are leading the way to find technical and sustainable solutions to this new era where there is a total blur of the use of spaces.

• Lucas Zoutendijk | Founder of Studio 1:1 and participant of the Sweco Design Challenge 2021
• Tessa Winter and Frank Uffen | Head of Connector Program and Partner and director of partnerships at The Student Hotel
• Mathias Funk | associate professor of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e)
• Pieter Kool | founder of Carbon Studio and co-developer of Schoonschip

Robert Thiemann (Founder & Director at Frame)

09:30 | Doors open at Fifth, The Stage (NRE Terrein, Gasfabriek 5, Eindhoven)
10:00 | Start DDW Talks
13:00 | Start light lunch at Fifth
14:00 | End programme

Good to know:
- The DDW Talks include coffee and tea during the break and a light lunch
- The programme will be spoken in English
- Upon entry you need to show your 'Coronavirus Entry Pass'/'Coronatoegangsbewijs' + ID

About Frame

Frame is dedicated to exploring what's next in spatial design and they are always on the lookout for what's happening on the cusp of innovation and creativity. Most of us spend approximately 90% of our lives indoors. Therefore, Frame believes that better spaces lead to better lives.

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