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Click Here: How to Stop Scrolling?

Navigating Complexity in Digital Information Spaces

Installation at The Corridor, Strijp TQ — © Karin Fischnaller

Shrinking screen sizes have shifted the way we absorb information on digital platforms. While more people receive their news online, our screen sizes decreased. Users scroll through endless streams of information.


How to stop scrolling and navigate through multi-perspective stories? How to become a drifter amongst platforms? To explore these questions, the timeline lays out the history of navigating and linking bits of information online, in relation to popular screen types.

Over The Anderen (Karin Fischnaller)

The Anderen connects researchers to curious minds.

There is so much information to explore and absorb in today’s world! As interface-builders, the Anderen builds a bridge by taking big, unwieldy chunks of raw information and converting it into digestible bites. Their work stretches the norms of standard digital interface design, playing with tension and subtlety to encourage free navigation and discovery of knowledge for the user.