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(Archief) United Matters

Dit project was onderdeel van DDW 2022

United Matters showcases a variety of design approaches, ranging from material innovation to creative technological exploration and speculative design. Our intended outcome is to disrupt perspectives and provoke change.

The intersection of science, technology and design.

United Matters explores the multitude of ways that design can be used to make sense of future narratives that challenge the status quo. At the forefront of research and innovation, our design collective proposes alternative ideas that highlight social, economic and environmental injustices.

Our projects include new material and product development, creative processing and unique systems thinking across various industries. They provide solutions that promote the vital remediation and regeneration of our planet and explore innovative ways of preserving and future-proofing traditions and crafts. We reassess our economic systems and reimagine a future where we work symbiotically with nature to harness its power without exploitation. United Matters also questions our current ideologies by providing speculative and provocative visions, dismantling anthropocentrism and societal constructs. As well as looking to the future, we address the severity of issues that require immediate action, focusing on the decentralisation of power.