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Design Beyond Vision - Exhibition

The exhibition of showing how to design from the sense of touch

Design Beyond Vision Presentation

Design Beyond Vision connects visual and non-visual worlds through the sense of touch. It explores the potential for a multi-sensory perspective through design while creating a common ground for understanding and dignity, without categorising people.

The design method beyond the visual sense

Design Beyond Vision is a design and research project that explores the non-visual approach of design and stimulates the art and design field to think out of visual dominance.

Simon and Boey introduced a different value through the sense of touch. Simon Dogger and Boey Wang are exploring the method of creating accessible solutions for and thinking tools for the people who are capable and incapable of seeing, increasing the life quality for the minority and questioning visual-dominated design practice in general.

As an influential design method, the two create a validation system to bring it to a different level. They first take the tactual sense as the orientation in their works. They also participate in exhibitions and performances to share knowledge with the public. Most importantly, they organize workshops especially to help art and design students to think out of the visual box in their education. Within those works, they are confident in initiating changes in design

Exhibition of Design Beyond Vision

They will present their research at Klokgebauw in a form of a compact exhibition stand 1.2 by 1.2 meters. It is a movable and interactive presentation travelling around Eindhoven. As an information agent, the small presentation aims to communicate the research with mass audiences and collect direct evaluations of how they think about inclusive design.

Performance and workshops at Rabauw Craft Beer.

Meanwhile, they are presenting a performance and workshops in Stijp-S, Rabauw Craft Beer Eindhoven. The performance is a casual Bar Drink experience. You will be served an insight into design while you are able to drink a specially brewed beer for this performance. You are able to experience the design method on hand and the passage of unlearning visual perspective by participating in the workshops. Everyone is welcomed.

Over Simon Dogger and Boey Wang

De dual is inclusief ontwerpers en zij vertegenwoordigen zelf een inclusief verhaal. De een is blind en de ander kan zien, de een is Nederlands en de ander Chinees. Via de tastzin laten ze het ontwerpveld een intuĆÆtieve benadering zien gebaseerd op het vertalen van pijn en angsten naar functies en educatie. De twee overbruggen de ziende en niet-ziende wereld met veel empathie en innovatie. Ze initiĆ«ren veranderingen voor een meer inclusieve toekomst.

Emotional Whisperer by Simon Dogger

Haptics of Cooking by Boey Wang

Method Performance at Milan Design week 2022

Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 1, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1
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