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A retrospective of 5 years Envisions

Dit project was onderdeel van DDW 2022
MORE THAN THIS — © by fffunction.studio

Envisions invites you into their world of experimental material wonders. An abundant landscape brings together never before seen projects and parts of our known collaborations with the industry’s boldest brands.

New material perspectives

The retrospective MORE THAN THIS spans our first five years of work, it celebrates our creative process while exceeding the sum of its parts.

While there's a wide array of techniques, crafts, and skills to discover, all experiments challenge existing processes to give rise to thrilling new design possibilities. Resulting from our signature hands-on approach, they aim to break through rusty patterns and unlock the hidden potential of well-known raw materials.

Previously shown collaborators - including Finsa, Ecoo and the Municipality of Eindhoven - are joined by our most recent endeavors together with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Ace&Tate, Levi's, and experts from the TextielLab amongst others. Together they explore and expand the boundaries of varying disciplines - like weaving, woodwork, recycling and scenography - into unexplored dimensions. These intensive collaborations, and access to our collaborator's factory grounds, lay the foundation to envision striking new material perspectives.

Are you ready to reimagine (your) material?

The retrospective MORE THAN THIS spans our first five years of work, by showing experiments, applications, and our process next to one another, we want to invite you into the envisions universe.