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DDW22 | Talks recap: Eco Pioneers

Door Dutch Design Week

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When the boundaries between design and science blur, we can learn to harness biology to create products, processes and environments in harmony with the natural world.

Eco Pioneers
How do we facilitate systemic change in our approach to nature through research, experiment and design? How do we create products, processes and environments that are truly circular? How do we enter the symbiocene?

Ruben Baart | Editor-in-Chief at Next Nature

Emma van der Leest | Biodesigner & founder BlueCity Lab
Bob Hendrikx | Inventor, biodesigner & architect
Navied Tavakolly | Program manager KIA-CE "design for circularity"
Ed de Jong | Vice president of development at Avantium Technologies
Beer Holthuis | Product designer at Plantics
Lauren Raaijmakers | Artist
Noëlle Ingeveldt & Juriaan van Berkel | Designers Berkveldt