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Blok 63-S

Nice food, breakfast, lunch and dinner at a unique location at Strijp-S Eindhoven during the Dutch Design Week. Parking ‘Om De Hoek’. Only 5 minutes walking from the railway station Strijp-S, the ‘Klokgebouw’ and the PSV stadium. You can find us nearby the red chimney across the building the ‘Glasgebouw’. Experience the energy and open sphere at this cultural and creative heart of Eindhoven. Just nice food, socializing, residents meeting each other, entrepreneurs staying connected. Start the day at 10.00 a.m. and have a delicious breakfast. A boiled or fried egg, just what you prefer. Or walk in for lunch and have a ’12-uurtje’, fish or meat, noodles, chicken saté with fries or the local ‘Eindhovense balburger’. Meanwhile you are enjoying the view on all DDW-activities in the centre of Strijp-S. Come and relax in the afternoon while enjoying coffee with homemade pastries or have a beer with ‘bitterballen’. To end this DDW-day have a special DDW-menu. For groups of 10 and more, we ask to make a reservation.

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